Welcome to the OpenKilowatt Institute!

We are an on-line collaborative community
solving design and cost issues, empowering every home and office to be
energy net-zero, cost-effectively.

Welcome to OpenKW.org!

The OpenKilowatt Institute exists to create an online collaborative community, modeled on the software opensource movement, to solve the hardware design/cost issues needed to make kilowatt-scale sustainable power and storage a practical reality. Our big, audacious end goal is to enable every house and office building to be energy net-zero, by driving the installed cost of small-scale renewable “green” energy down to the same or cheaper than coal (about 4 cents per kilowatt-hour, in the U.S.), within a single generation.

How our web site is put together

Our website has three major parts: The Front Page & Menus, the Education & Community areas, and the Tech Forge. The best way to get to know us is to explore! But the site can be a little confusing, so here is a guided tour to get you started.

Introduction to the Tech Forge

Did you ever have a Good Idea related to clean, sustainable power? You're sitting there reading a newspaper, or watching TV or listening to NPR. You hear about a problem related to green energy, or pollution, or global warming. And you say to yourself, "Why don't they just do it this way?