"As Green As Possible"

The whole point of the Institute is that every home and small office building should use its rooftop space to sustainably generate at least as much energy as it consumes. We passionately believe this is possible, and we’ll work for it until it happens.

But in the meantime, we strive to be pragmatic. And it turns out that commercial-grade web-hosting facilities have a WAY higher energy density than small office buildings. They have no choice but to buy power from their local utility.

Someday, utilities will be sustainable by buying locally generated excess power from people’s rooftops. But until that day, what is the large-scale utility customer to do? In particular, how can a web hosting company be “green”, when the average server’s power needs consume as much fossil fuel per day as an automobile?

They can do what other responsible large companies are doing: buy carbon offsets that result in local investment in renewable generation facilities.

The Institute is proud to host our website with HostGator, which offsets 130% of their power consumption with Certified RECs.
If you decide to do business with them too, do us a favor and click the ad on the right of this page:
You'll get a discount, and we’ll get a small refund to help further the work of the Institute. Thanks!

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