Welcome to OpenKW.org!

The OpenKilowatt Institute exists to create an online collaborative community, modeled on the software opensource movement, to solve the hardware design/cost issues needed to make kilowatt-scale sustainable power and storage a practical reality. Our big, audacious end goal is to enable every house and office building to be energy net-zero, by driving the installed cost of small-scale renewable “green” energy down to the same or cheaper than coal (about 4 cents per kilowatt-hour, in the U.S.), within a single generation.

If you are interested in small-scale green energy, "right-sized" for your home or small business, if you would like to see hundreds of thousands of homes producing their own power sustainably, and feeding it INTO the grid instead of taking power OUT of the grid, then this is your website.

Please enjoy exploring the site. You will find information about our philosophy, about why small-scale sustainable power and storage are so important to our future, and you'll find a community of people who share these beliefs and want to help out.